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Love this STUFF!

E6000 is just the best glue ever! I first learned about this amazing glue from a jewelry making class with Lisa Nelson. Check out her site - she is a wonderful jewelry Artist and a Beaufort, NC local. But back to this glue - it literally works on anything. When I used it to hold a bail to a pendant (I think that is what it is called) I was amazed at how well it held in such a short time. Then I tried it on one of those loofas where the bamboo arm had come off. I fixed it with this glue 2 (or more) years ago and it is still holding! I use it in the shower!!! The original stuff they used didn't even hold a month! After that I tried it on a trophy piece. STILL holding. If you haven't tried this glue you definately should. It comes in large tubes too but I find the smaller tubes are better. It only takes a dab and I found that the larger tubes dried up from lack of use. I bought mine at Michaels but have seen it just about anywhere glues are sold.

The photo is how I use the glue - I have a round glass piece that is frosted and was just sitting around the studio. Couldn't think of any project I would use it for and don't even know where it came from. I just put a dab on there and use my exacto knife (even though I SHOULD use a toothpick or bamboo skewer) to apply. Then I can just scrape off what I don't use and put it away.

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