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Welcome to my BLOG!

Thought I would add a blog to my page to keep all my Stained Glass "fans" up-to-date about what I am doing from day to day. Look for posts about new items; tips for the stained glass artist; class info and all sorts of (hopefully) interesting things. When nothing is going on I may just take a picture of my dog and best little helper - Fuzzy Roop!

Today I am sharing my latest project. I figure that if I post it I will get busy on it so I can show my progress and then FINISH it! This is a transom I am doing for my niece. It has all sorts of intricate pieces that are, I am sure, going to make me crazy. For some reason I started with all the color pieces and am saving the clear glass surrounding pieces for last. I have no idea if that is what I am suppose to be doing but that is my plan as of today. Part of what you probably cannot see in the picture are the middle and framework clear peices. I at least have those done. Much of the curly pieces are going to have to be cut with a glass saw that I THANKFULLY have on loan from another wonderful artist friend Donna Nyzio. Take a minute and check out her awesome work! I plan to work on this piece a lot this weekend so I can post updates. That is when you can ewww and awww!

Tonight however I am sitting at my desk and typing a post. I have tax work to do and also have a moth to kill! The weather WAS pretty nice out so I had the door open. The thing is huge too! Hopefully Fuzzy will find it and I won't need to worry about it. And then I can work on taxes....or call and see about root canal! This whole having to work for a living thing is really a drag!

Thanks for stopping by!

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