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Stained Glass Classes

I cannot tell you how often I am asked to teach someone to do Stained Glass. I also hear from some that they are not very artistic and don't think they would be very good at it. Well - my answer to that is, "you won't know until you try!" You truly do not have to have any particular artistic skills other than knowing what you like and don't like. I have seen some pretty wild color combinations from my students and the end result was still a beautiful piece of stained glass that they could be proud to call their own.

I teach a variety of stained glass classes from the fairly simple to the pretty intense! One of my students (featured on the More Part page) tackled a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired piece as her second project!!!! There were trials and tribulations; took longer than she had ever imagined; but the end result was breathtaking!

So far I have not scheduled a specific date in the future to hold a class as I have been busy with my own projects. But, I am always willing to free my schedule to teach a class! All you need to decide is when you want to start!

Here is a flyer of my classes that I currently teach and some pricing guidelines. Please call and schedule your class today. I can accommodate up to 4 students at a time......maybe more depending on the project.

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