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I started teaching stained glass to my friends back in 2011. They all loved what I was doing and the local shop had closed - so the way I tell the story is that they all ganged up on me and said TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS! :-) I started off with 2 weekends students and FOUR week night students. The Sat / Sunday classes were most of the day for 4 weeks and the Tues/ Thurs classes were SUPPOSED to be 4 weeks also but turned into about 6 or 8! It was a learning curve for all of us. I don't know where the pics of my first students work is - can't seem to find my dang camera!....but here are few of the beautiful works from a few of the past years students.

If you or you and your friends are interested in taking a class, I have many to chose from.

INTRO - $25.00 - a ONE night or ONE day Intro class that is only $25.00 and you come home with a beautiful candle holder and the knowledge that YOU CAN DO THIS! Takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. Scrap glass free or purchase.

BEGINNER STAINED GLASS - $125.00 for 4 weeks - 2 classes per week (custom schedule). Several beginner patterns to chose from or bring your own. Includes all materials except glass and finishing products (frame zinc, came, patina).

INTERMEDIATE STAINED GLASS - $125.00 for 4 weeks - 2 classes per week. Beginners class or previous experience preferred. Pattern selection available. No glass or supplies provided - must buy solder, foil, came, glass, bevels. Includes additional studio time before / after class for the 4 week period. Instruction and guidance on full process provided. Also - good Tips and Techniques from yours truly.

ONE-ON-ONE Assistance / Consult - $25.00 per hour.

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